Links to Old Scholars' Pages.

These are links to some pages we have found on the Web which mention St Christopher School, Letchworth. If any Old Scholars would like links to their pages added, please contact the Club.

The website previously had a small collection of email addresses people had asked us to include on this page. We have deleted these while revising the website, as the club is happy to put people in touch on request. If you would like to contact one of your contemporaries at St Chris please send us an email.

Web Pages:

Neil Murray biography
Neil Murray interview
Peter Blegvad biography
Catherine Bearder
William Edmondson
Richard Overill
Stella Snead
Tim Limbach
Will Palin
Roger Ellman: "Brilliant Paintings"
Roger Ellman: "The Crete you are looking for"
Sandy Entwistle
Stephen Howarth wikipedia
Stephen Howarth paintings
Romilly Bowden
Romilly Bowden - digital communication website
Joe Short
Graham Rogers
George Szirtes
Simon Zammit-Cutajar
Judith Taylor
Judith Taylor autobiography
Early photo of hockey match
Howard Silcock's website
Jeremy Swan's website
Judith Quin: Astro-Holidays, for a special holiday on an unspoilt Greek Island
Alan Bush first performances at St Chris

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