Can you help us identify some people on old photographs?

The Club secretary is in the process of sorting and cataloguing the school's archive of memorabilia and, as part of that, is making digital copies of all the photographs we have, particularly as a few of the older ones are fading with time. We have many photographs with no record of when they were taken, or on what occasion, so we thought we would put some up to see if there are any old scholars who can identify them, or the people in them. Please email us if you can help with any information.

Please be reassured that we do not intend to publish any names here on the internet - this is purely for our own cataloguing purposes.

Photograph A

This is from the 1920s or 1930s. Can anyone identify the people in this tennis team, or the member of staff?

Photo A

Photograph B

Photographs B and C are of some special event. Is the baby significant - is it perhaps a party after a christening? Does anyone know who is making the speech, or who the lady is in full academicals?

Photo B

Photograph C

(See notes with photograph B.)

Photo C

Photograph D

Does anyone know who these people are?

Photo D

Photograph E

This is the cast of a production of The Tempest, mid 1950s. Can you identify any of the people? Does anyone still have a programme with a cast list?

Photo E

Photograph F

We think this is a skiing holiday, maybe in the 1960s. Can anyone identify these people?

Photo F

Photograph G

This photo was taken around the same time as Photograph F

Photo G

Photograph H

Members of staff. But who?

Photo H

Photograph I

This is The Lady's Not for Burning. But who are they?

Photo I

Photograph J

And who are these young actors?

Photo J

Photograph K

This is a 1950s workcamp. Who are they all, please?

Photo K

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