Welcome to the St Christopher Club

This website is for all those who were pupils or staff at St Christopher School, Letchworth, Herts, UK.

All old scholars and former staff are welcome to contact us: you don't have to join, or subscribe to the newsletters, in order to use our services. The main aim of the Club is simple - to keep people in touch with each other, and with the School.

To contact us, please email



The Club last held a Summer Reunion on 6th and 7th July 2019. In accordance with the present policy of alternation, the School was to have organised a lunch in June 2020. However Covid-19 forced this to be cancelled, and there has been no possibility of us organising any kind of reunion in 2021 or 2022.

The Club's Annual General Meetings were likewise cancelled, and in these unusual circumstances all members of the present committee are continuing to serve. (This makes no practical difference, as no fresh nominations for committee members were received in response to an emailed request in April 2020, and there has been nothing the committee has been able to do while Covid-19 restrictions have been in place.) The secretary has been organising and sending out newsletters as usual, and the accounts for two or more years will be presented when we are able to schedule an AGM.

If you are an old scholar, or former member of staff, and do not get emails from us from time to time, please let us have your email address. Our address is above. We shall not bombard you with emails - we send out at most four or five a year, and you will immediately be taken off the list if you tell us you no longer want them.

The new General Data Protection Regulations came into force in May 2018. These require us to make clear to Club members what information we may have about them, what we do with it, and their rights in relation to it. You will find such information here.. A copy of the Club's constitution can be found here.

The Club mails out two newsletter booklets a year but these can only go to those who subscribe, as we need to pay the costs of printing and postage. You can subscribe by post, or online via Paypal. Please select "Subscribers" on the menu above.

The Club's persona of "Old Scholars" on Facebook has around 2000 "friends", all of which are St Chris Old Scholars or former staff. Please also keep the St Christopher Club directly in touch with where you are and what your are doing. We have several thousand addresses on our records, and we can put you in touch with other old scholars by passing on messages to them.

The Club is keen to collect memorabilia from earlier years. If you have school magazines, programmes for events, photographs, any sort of ephemera from your schooldays that you no longer wish to keep, we would be very glad to add to the school's collection.

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